Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit Recap – A Conversation with Tom Hileman

By: Caitlin Matsen  | 07/15/2019

The Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit has come and gone again, and this year’s sessions offered some of the best insight into the current and future state of healthcare marketing. From chatbots and voice search, to the key data for showing ROI, healthcare marketing has a bright and exciting future ahead.

We sat down with our very own Tom Hileman to get his take on the Summit’s session highlights, why they are important for healthcare and learn more about his session regarding healthcare marketing in the consumer-oriented world.


Session Takeaway #1: “Protect Marketing Investments with Irrefutable Data” by Tammy Jones, Scott Mowery, Lori Riggs and Nathan David

This session was really interesting, it was mainly about how to prove the value of marketing to an organization. The discussion focused primarily on the importance of tying the results of marketing to measurable financial results and the value of having the overall enterprise agree in terms of what the measurements are. Providing diverse metrics to executives and sharing ongoing results is also crucial for protecting marketing budget and maintaining the importance of marketing efforts.

The key takeaways also include the importance of having the organization agree on exactly how those measurements are tied to financial results. Having these discussions, specifically with the financial team, are vital so when reporting back on measurable campaign output, there is already agreement on the metrics. This allows the results achieved from a marketing perspective to stand on their own and not be questioned.


Session Takeaway #2: “Consumer Experience Starts With a Conversation” by Daniel Ruyter and Brian Gresh

Chatbots are an ever-growing topic in healthcare marketing and in this session Daniel and Brian walk through the fundamentals of chatbots, the benefits of using them, and specific implementation examples. These chatbots are software applications that use natural language processing in order to mimic human conversations, and can benefit organizations by saving time and improving customer experiences. In this session, they explain that the current main use cases for chatbots are for customer engagement applications, call center service and support and for digital marketing platforms.

Key learning points include discussion around the specific benefits of this technology for healthcare marketing, which are lead generation, convenience and access, aiding in content creation, cost savings and improving understanding of customer intent. These bots provide greater insight into customer intent and experience than many analytics platforms. They can help you learn exactly what customers are looking for, whether they are scheduling an appointment or in need of specific immediate care.


Session Takeaway #3: “Marketing in the Brave New Consumer-Oriented World” by Tom Hileman and Sue Omori

In our session, Sue and I focused on the topic of continuous patient engagement in healthcare marketing and the importance of viewing patient interaction as not simply just one visit or occurrence, but as a whole health journey. Patients never really leave healthcare; they will always have recurring physicals, check-ups or urgent needs, therefore marketers need to make efforts to remain top-of-mind and offer personalized experiences and content for patients on a continuous basis.

The other key takeaways that Sue touched on, is the importance of providing constant, convenient patient access to healthcare through online express care and virtual health services. She also spoke to the importance of testing and measuring these patient engagements and marketing tactics to discover what is most meaningful for patients.


Thanks for your time Tom!

Interested in learning more about continuous patient engagement in healthcare marketing? Listen now to Tom’s post-session podcast interview hosted by RadioMD.

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