Healthcare and IT Marketing: An Interview with Kyle Chandler

By: Lea Titas  | 04/10/2019

Healthcare and IT. Doesn’t exactly sound like they go hand-in-hand, but you’d be surprised how much these two overlap. On April 17th, our very own Kyle Chandler will be part of a panel discussion at this year’s Health IT Marketing and PR Community (HITMC) conference. We sat down to talk with him about the conference, his topic and the future of healthcare and IT marketing.


So, how’d we get involved in this event?

It turns out one of the supporting members of the conference reached out to use about being a panelist. It’s a good fit – healthcare marketing and IT – which is our sweet spot.


What is your topic?

“Best practices for healthcare marketing webinars”. It’s a pretty neat approach to a panel discussion. There will be me and three others, and we’re doing – rapid-fire style – tactical ways to improve webinars.

We each have about 5-10 minutes to speak, providing our own best practices with a particular focus so we don’t overlap. I have about 9 myself to present, specific to personalization and technology.

After we all present, we’ll open it up to 30 minutes of Q & A.


Why is this topic important to you?

We’re always trying to learn better ways, whether is driving better attendance or drive engagement or even drive post follow-up. For me, the topic of personalization drives greater impact and return for marketing campaigns. For consumers, it feels like it’s being uniquely messaged just to them, that they’re not just a number. It builds greater trust for the organization and brand. As technology evolves and it becomes easier to personalize at scale, it’s just going to continue to grow. 


Why choose webinars to drive engagement in healthcare marketing?

In healthcare, people want to consume as much information as they can. But, unfortunately, people seem to be moving away from the written word towards more visual/audio tactics. And webinars or virtual events tie to that really naturally. It helps message highly complex information in an easier way. Also, webinars, to anyone outside of marketing, is a really big deal.


Do patients listen to webinars or is it more physicians?

A lot of it is still B2B, but there’s a lot of value on the B2C. For consumers, it needs to be more educational and helpful than it is prescriptive.


What do you see for the future of healthcare marketing?

I think the sky’s the limit (with the exception of increased regulations with how you can track things). As GDPR continues to set the tone, it needs to be an opt-in, open consent type of personalization. If done transparently, the way you engage patients will be unique and can only help drive conversions.


When does the personalization get creepy?

Yes, it’s a delicate balance. When you personalize without consent, it’s creepy. When you do with consent, it’s helpful. People need to know what they’re providing and what they’re getting in return to drive that level of personalization.


Thanks, Kyle, for your time and valuable knowledge. Check back next week after we post the slides from Kyle’s presentation!




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