5 Examples of Great Healthcare Content Marketing

By: Michelle Law  | 06/07/2017

You've probably heard by now that creating useful content should be at the heart of your marketing efforts. Consumers like to research – in fact, studies show that 81% of consumers research online before buying. The same is true in the healthcare industry, with 86% of patients conducting a health-related search before booking a doctor’s appointment. The strategic approach of content marketing helps those patients access good content to help them make good decisions.

Explore a compilation of five outstanding healthcare content marketing campaigns. Each of the campaigns below left lasting impressions and captured target audiences’ attention. Learn what made each stand out.


1.  Cleveland Clinic’s Blog: Health Essentials

Topping our list is one of the most visited online healthcare destinations, with over 3.2 million monthly visits and counting – Cleveland Clinic’s Health Essentials. The content hub utilizes its in-house experts – from HR employees to physicians – to sign-off on technical content. You can find an answer to nearly every health question you have ever had, including what does the color of my pee mean? Each content piece is presented in not only an informative manner, but also in a way optimized for engagement.


2.  Mayo Clinic’s Blog: Sharing Mayo Clinic

Healthcare is personal. But sharing personal healthcare content can be tricky. Our second pick, Mayo Clinic’s blog, Sharing Mayo Clinic, overcomes this. It gets personal and shares stories from patients, healthcare providers and other Mayo Clinic employees' experiences. The result? A community of patients and providers that gather together to tell and hear stories.


3.  Johnson & Johnson’s Video Series: Campaign for Nursing’s Future

This campaign was created to address the national shortage of nurses in the U.S. You may have seen one of their commercials, but the campaign doesn't stop there. There is slew of videos from nurses' days-in-the-life to patients' perspectives. A dedicated microsite provides educational content, from scholarships to professional development. It is a great way to put the J&J brand in front of their audience while showing true appreciation and connecting at an emotional level.


4.  National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: Website

Although the content featured on the NHLBI’s website might not be the most exciting, it earned a spot because of its discoverable library of content. For relevant topics, you can usually find a link to the NHLBI’s website within the first 10 results of Google. This quality content is what bookmarked and referenced pages usually consist of.


5.  Arkansas Children’s: #100DeadliestDays

Did you know that kids are more likely to die or be critically injured between Memorial Day and Labor Day? This terrifying, but true fact was the message behind the #100DeadliestDays hashtag campaign from Arkansas Children’s Injury Prevention Center. The campaign featured a downloadable parent-teen driving agreement, infographics on topics like fireworks safety, and an Injury Prevention Center content hub providing fact sheets about child safety risks. This social promoted campaign exploded and other organizations/associations shared tips using the hashtag, creating a winning outcome for everyone.


What do you think? Are you inspired to create the next great healthcare content marketing campaign?



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