February 2022

Virtual Healthcare vs In-Person Healthcare: From both sides of the counter

Written By: Hileman Group  | 02/17/2022  |  0 comments

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, it shut everything down, quarantining people to their homes with little access to the outside world. Ulterior methods were sought to guard our health, such as working from home, virtual meetups with friends, and shipping groceries. However, about two years into the pandemic, many businesses have reopened with a new normal expectation in place. Many still work from home while others employ a hybrid method. The health industry is the same. Operating on both sides of the counter, it is a marriage of both safety and convenience. But is one method more dependable with better results than simple convenience, or is telehealth simply an alternate operation to meet personal preference that will last long after the worst of the pandemic?



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