Facebook Live: What Does It Mean for Your Marketing Mix?

By: Caitlin Baker  | 04/26/2017

Video marketing and video content is here to stay. It’s engaging, performs well, and is extremely shareable. Brands and companies who are not on the bandwagon, well, it would behoove them to get on it (that's right, I said behoove).

But video marketing isn’t really new to the game. Savvy marketers have been using it for years and taking advantage of social platforms and their targeted audiences to share. Due to the growing nature of the medium, cool things keep happening with it. Like live video streaming!

Within the last couple years, we saw some live video streaming services come into the market, but not quite take hold like Twitter’s Periscope or Meerkat. With the introduction of Facebook Live, we’re likely to see the platform stick this time.

What does this mean for your marketing? Should it change the way you market? The answer is both yes and no.

If there are tools you’re already employing that are working well, you know what they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You don’t necessarily need to change your entire approach to marketing, particularly if it’s working. Use Facebook Live in conjunction with other tools, use it to supplement another campaign, or use it as a standalone, one-off nugget of fun for your followers.

The good news is Facebook Live is virtually free to use, as long as you have a Facebook account. It is a great tool to take advantage of when that monthly budget just isn’t quite stretching as far as you’d like.

What are some ways you can start integrating Facebook Live into your marketing mixes? We’re glad you asked. Here are a few things we’ve been thinking about for Hileman:

  • Showcase your culture! Part of being an agency (or a brand, for that matter) is selling yourself to potential new customers (or consumers). Showing off your culture and giving people a peek behind the curtain is a great way to stand out from the crowd. It gives people a greater sense of who you are as a company (or brand ☺).
  • Giveaways! New product launch? Use Facebook Live to talk about it and then give it away (or give something away) to the people who took time to interact with you for the past half hour.
  • Webinars! Get rid of the tired old format. Make your webinars live and interactive. Get a panel. Make it feel like a real conference. Facebook has marketing tools you can use to simulate almost anything that a webinar software provides: surveys, chat, attendee information, etc. Sometimes it’s helpful to shake things up and do something a little different.
  • Live Q&As or interviews! Put a face to the CEO or the developer who rarely interacts with anyone, but probably built your entire website. Your followers will get to engage and are probably more likely to pay attention.

The bottom line is that Facebook Live opens endless opportunities to engage and interact with your customer base. Not taking advantage of that could be a huge missed opportunity for a brand or company. Plus, it's fun and who doesn't like fun?!

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