3 Ways to Measure the Success of a Social Media Advocacy Program

By: Caroline Amantea  | 08/16/2017

"Brand advocacy” has been quite the buzzword lately in the world of social media. Companies have begun utilizing their internal teams to extend branded messaging to reach relevant networks in the social media space.

I know what you’re thinking… “Why didn’t we think of that? And why aren’t we doing it?”

Well, that’s why we’re here. Learn how brand advocacy works, why it’s so important, and how to measure success once you’ve implemented your own strategy.


How does it work?

Brand advocacy can be done manually or through a third-party social media sharing tool.

First, send an email to your company each week with branded content that is scheduled to be posted. Ask them to share it from your company’s social platforms – as opposed to posting it directly from their personal accounts. This will allow you to capture metrics from the shared posts.

We automate this process with Oktopost. Oktopost has a built-in Advocacy feature that allows you to assign executives and employees to share your company’s branded content. Advocates are able to download a free app, view the content the administrator had uploaded, choose what they’d like to share, then publish it. Boom! Easy as that.


Why should I implement it?

Social media alone is still a hard sell at some companies, so trying to push a brand advocacy strategy to the C-level may seem daunting. Take these statistics into consideration before having that conversation:

Look at it this way – former president Barack Obama created the first presidential Twitter account. If he was able to make social media a priority, your executives and employees should, too.


How do I measure success?

Brand advocacy success can be measured in a few different ways:

1. Putting a face to a (brand) name.

Brand advocacy gives you the power to humanize your company, and receiving engagement from relevant audiences does just that.

2. Increased brand awareness and reach.

It’s simple: the more people you reach, the more recognizable your brand becomes.

3. Tracking relevant conversions.

Through Oktopost, you can to track conversions generated by posts that executives and employees have shared through the tool.

4. Encouraging employee participation.

Your coworkers will want to know if their efforts have made an impact. Let employees view the results they generate. You can even develop a reward system as an incentive!


Brand advocacy is a great way to expand the reach of your branded content while also engaging your internal teams. Be a part of the buzz. Get started with your own strategy today!



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