Best Newsletter Designs

By: Angela Ruggeri  | 05/16/2018

Speaking bluntly, the goal of a newsletter is not necessarily to inspire awe with its design; rather, newsletters are meant to share the latest up-to-date information from a specific source or topic. Put simply – when it comes to newsletters, we design for the content, not write the content for the design. At least, we should.

To help get you started thinking about what makes a good newsletter design, here are a few tips:


1. Make It clean and to the point

Concise newsletters help readers understand what is actually important. They don’t want to keep scrolling forever to get to the end, so keep it short and sweet.


2. Newsletters should be easy to scan

Typically, the best newsletters have multiple articles to entice the reader to click on and read. It should be painfully obvious where one article ends and the next one starts. No one wants to take the time to guess.


3. CTAs should stand out

Use active language that includes a sense of urgency! And make your buttons stand out from the rest of the email. No need for camouflage here; use white space, readable fonts, and color to make the Call To Action trifecta. Remember less is more when it comes to CTAs and your click-through rates.


4. Use headers to grab attention

Headers (images and copy) are where you make your first impression. Use background images with text overlays to design for different devices. As a bonus, experiment with GIFs in A/B tests to see what your audience engages with.


5. Have Fun

Finally, try not to get caught up in creating a rigid newsletter. Include some fun into your newsletters using interesting copy and color. You’re sending the newsletter to real-life human beings who are inundated with boring stuff every day, so try to stand out. If you can make your recipients smile and remember you, you're already doing a lot more than most of the companies who end up in their inbox.



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