August 2018

#CMWorld 2018: Sessions to Attend

Written By: Lea Titas | 08/31/2018  |  0 comments

Content Marketing World 2018 is just around the corner! Get ready for the content marketing event of the season with our ultimate guide of sessions to attend. Please note that, just like last year, some of these session overlap, so find a buddy, divide, conquer and share notes!

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Q & A with Kate Penrod: The Future of Inclusion Design

Written By: Lea Titas |  08/27/2018  |  0 comments

TechPint, a pop-up tech conference in Cleveland, is tomorrow. And we're lucky enough to boast that one of our own, Kate Penrod, Visual Designer extraordinaire, is speaking! We sat down earlier with Kate to find out what her presentation is about and why it's so important to her.

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Best Practices for Choosing Stock Photography

Written By: Aaron Gelston |  08/22/2018  |  0 comments

What's this? Another article about stock photography? Sure is! If you ever find yourself staring down the barrel of the "no photography budget" gun, this post is for you. While stock photography has a sort of stigma against it, there are ways to utlitize quality stock photos to enhance your designs. Following these simple guidelines will help you make the most of any design project, using little budget.

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The Intern Experience: 2018 Edition

Written By: Lea Titas |  08/14/2018  |  0 comments

Another summer internship is in the books! Every year, our internship class gets better and more talented (we think it's something in our water), and this year was no exception. But, enough about what we thought; we want to know what they thought of their experience. Take it away, guys!

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What Does a Marketing Automation Specialist Do?

Written By: Angela Ruggeri |  08/08/2018  |  0 comments

A marketing automation specialist wears many hats. From landing page creation to campaign automation and marketing strategy, an automation specialist touches almost every stage of the marketing funnel. Learn three important functions of this job type and how they help any organization.

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Ditch the RFP and Try These Ideas

Written By: Scott Taylor |  08/01/2018  |  0 comments

Here’s a scenario that most of us can relate to… You’ve been tasked with finding a marketing or website agency for your company. As a traditional method of vendor selection, the RFP has its time and place. But there are some major disadvantages to the process that usually end up costing you time, money and a lot of frustration. Here are a few other (read: more exciting) ideas to help you find the right partner that meets your specific goals.

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