August 2016

10 Things to Look for at #CMWorld 2016

Written By: Lea Titas | 08/31/2016  |  0 comments

As they say, “The largest content event is back!”  And we can’t wait to be a part of the excitement.  While we’d love to be able to clone ourselves to attend every track in the main conference, alas, that technology hasn’t crossed our desks… yet.  So, instead, we tried to narrow the amazing list of topics down to our top 10 (because it’s a nice round number and we had to stop somewhere).

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Olympic Medals and Digital Marketing: Measurement is All in the Numbers

Written By: Caitlin Baker |  08/24/2016  |  0 comments

This past Sunday night, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games came to their close. From a bird’s eye view, the USA came away as clear victors. The United States left Rio with a total of 121 medals, 46 of them gold. The next closest nation was China, who won a respectable 70 medals, 26 of them being gold. That is a very distinct margin of victory. I mean, there’s a difference of 50 medals between the United States and the second place nation! There’s no question. Or is there?

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Google Analytics: 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Written By: Caroline Amantea |  08/17/2016  |  0 comments

Have a Google Analytics account? Great!  Have any idea what to make of all that data? That’s where we come in. If you often find yourself looking through tabs and tabs of data with a giant question mark hovering above your head, you may be making a few of the below (totally fixable!) mistakes.

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The Intern Experience

Written By: Lea Titas |  08/10/2016  |  0 comments

The summer wouldn't be complete without the Hileman Internship Program.  This year, we were lucky to have 2 excellent candidates with us, Abby Whited and Dalton Mankin.  The two of them were instrumental in helping whip us into shape this summer, assisting in both the Marketing and Technology departments.  Their last days are upon us, but their legacy lives on in this blog post we forced asked them to participate in [heh].

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5 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing

Written By: Abby Whited |  08/10/2016  |  0 comments

In this age of individualism, generic marketing efforts just won’t cut it when trying to gain real results.  Customers like to feel catered to.  They want content that is relevant to them.  But how do you have a personalized approach to marketing with so many customers?  Here are 5 tips: 

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