7 Reasons to Add HTML5 Ads to Your Marketing Mix

By: Karl Schneider  | 12/11/2019

Whether it’s over-produced infomercials, repetitive radio spots or the mammoth billboards lining the highways, ads have become a national nuisance. And digital ads are no exception. The average person is inundated with over 1,700 banner ads every month — that’s roughly 55 ads a day — and half of them are never viewed.

Capturing the attention of digital marketers and consumers alike, HTML5 ads (the successors of Flash-based banner ads) are breaking through the digital clutter, boasting higher-than-average click-through rates, driving website traffic and helping increase conversion rates.

Engagement in Motion

Powered by HTML5 programming, HTML5 banner ads can be built to support all browsers and operating systems, and they run smoothly within native apps. What’s more, HTML5 ads can adapt to browsing behavior, location, purchasing history, or any other data that a business wants and has access to.

But what’s most impressive about these ads is that they’re designed to be engaging. HTML5 ads are a form of rich media that employ motion elements like animation, video and GIFs to draw viewers in. They can strengthen your brand’s digital presence and help shape its personality.

7 Reasons to Amplify Your Message With HTML5

Here are seven reasons you should consider adding this dynamic ingredient to your digital marketing mix:

1. They put prospective customers on the path to conversion.

Effective marketing begins with engagement, and HTML5 ads are designed to capture attention. While viewers may gloss right over static display ads, ads with movement give them something to look at. The right combination of graphics, animation, video, sound and interactivity can trigger a click or tap. Some HTML5 display ad campaigns even make it possible for the user to convert within the ad itself, possibly removing the need for a landing page.

2. They drive higher click-through rates.

A click is the first step toward conversion, and rich media ads like HTML5 ads attract more clicks than traditional display ads. According to Smart Insights, the overall CTR for digital display ads across all ad formats and placements is just 0.05%, whereas the average CTR for rich media ads increases to 0.1%. When it comes to lead generation, half of a percent can make a huge difference.

3. They display creativity.

Offering a wealth of design options, HTML5 ads can be as creative as you want them to be. Want eye-catching animation? No problem. Embedded content? Of course. Lead-generating video? Done. For creating an engaging user experience, these ads are up to the task.

4. They engage interactivity.

Going far beyond static text and images, or even video, HTML5 banners have featured 360° video that scrolls with your mouse, clickable paint pallets so the user can see the product displayed in different colors, draggable objects you can slide across the ad to reveal new animation, and more.

5. They’re made for mobile.

HTML5 enables digital marketers to create responsive banner ads that adjust to virtually any screen or device. When displayed on mobile devices, HTML5 ads can engage users wherever they go and wherever they are in their buying journey. What’s more, a display ad is more likely to be viewed on a mobile device than a desktop one, according to Bannerflow.

6. They’re dynamic for specific audiences.

HTML5 makes it easy to produce what’s known as “dynamic creative” — display advertising that adapts to the viewer. For example, you can tailor your HTML5 banner ads in real time to show specific messages and add or change content for different consumers. You can also add dynamic feeds. A dynamic feed contains every version of content created for a particular ad, so you can update your ad’s content throughout a campaign.

7. They allow you to collect more data.

Rich media ads like HTML5 banners make it possible to capture various metrics, including impressions, CTRs, video plays and other interactions. The more data you can harvest, the sharper your marketing focus can be.

Best Practices for Banner Ads

As a business engaged with digital marketing, you’re vying for the attention of consumers who are bombarded with online ads. To give your HTML5 banner ads the best shot at being seen — and clicked through — there are several must-dos:

Make it user-friendly.

A user will quickly sour on a digital ad that’s difficult to understand how they’re supposed to interact with it, regardless of how creative or visually stunning it might be. In other words, make certain the user can do what you want them to do as easily as possible. Also, avoid making a design element appear truly interactive when it’s just a simple click.

Be animated — but not annoying.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recommends that digital banner animation is no longer than 15 seconds. Generally speaking, you should avoid flashing, high-contrast, fast-moving or brightly colored animations.

Consider your audience.

Studies have shown that relevant or personalized advertising is far more effective than general advertising. Users are more likely to click on your ads if they think the content is useful.

Get to the action.

The CTA should always be clear, strong and easy to spot. An obvious but effective way to achieve this is with a large button identifying what will happen or where they’ll be taken once they click on it.

A Banner Opportunity for Your Business

As mini digital billboards, HTML5 banner ads are great vehicles for driving valuable top-of-the-funnel engagement. When designed well, these ads can help increase brand recognition while creatively showcasing your products and services.

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