The 5 Themes from INBOUND 2017: A Quick Recap List

By: Michelle Law  | 09/29/2017

INBOUND is a conference held annually that shares the latest from the greatest in inbound marketing. This year was an action-packed week with inspiring spotlights, tips and hacks, advice from successful thought-leaders, and drinks (both coffee and the good kind). Subject matter experts, like Rand Fishkin, Larry Kim, Darhmesh Shah, Brian Halligan, and more, highlighted the changes that are happening in the industry and how to stay ahead of the curve.    


Sad you missed it? Or still trying to relive every moment? Us, too! So, we decided to deconstruct the main themes coming out of the week.


5 Themes from INBOUND 2017

  1. Looking at the INBOUND line-up, you might be skeptical on the relevancy of the keynote speakers. What do Brene Brown, Piera Gelardi, Michelle Obama, Andy Cohen, Ed Catmull and John Cena have to do with marketing? The answer rang loud and clear: Be true to yourself. As people, marketers and organizations, we have lost our authenticity. When we lose that, we take shortcuts, sacrificing quality and losing human connection. It is not the easy path to take, but it’s the only one leading to true personal and organizational success. Better yet, when you are true to yourself, you naturally radiate empathy and trust in a storytelling format.
  2. If you review the entire INBOUND agenda, you will only find 3 sessions out of 285 with a strong focus on paid search. Does that mean it is dead? No. But, it does indicate that paid social marketing is exploding with new opportunities to marketers. Social has expanded to enable marketing across the entire funnel, from awareness to delight (no longer just awareness). This is a HUGE opportunity for SMBs who cannot afford to invest in multiple tools/platforms. It also presents an equal opportunity for large/enterprise organizations to take their massive databases and create better engagement experiences for their target audiences.
  3. Video is the new black. And, if you aren’t onboard, you are behind. You should always be asking yourself: how can video enhance this campaign?
  4. Whether you know it or not, we have entered the Engagement Era of Marketing. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage, alongside chatbots are preferred methods of communication, not just between individuals, but between consumers and organizations as well. On top of that, home voice devices, like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, are making answers and solutions easy to find. Organizations have to be accessible and responsive on these platforms. It is a now-reality for B2C and a very-near future for B2B. If you are an early adopter, you can benefit from low-cost entry points and established recognition before your competition.
  5. Powerful lady-bosses, like Billy Jean King and Michelle Obama, shared their experiences and how to change perceptions in the workplace and beyond. They challenged us to rethink our thoughts and actions, to be the example that sets precedent for those who follow and to be the voice...your true voice. Because, let’s face it, women are an essential part of the charge and the change of INBOUND movement.



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