4 Strategies to Surviving a Technology Outage

By: Alex Ash  | 07/27/2017

This past week, our friends at Marketo suffered a severe outage. While marketers went on a (pretty funny) social media rampage, we couldn’t help but ask, “Where do we go from here and what can we learn from it?” So, in the spirit of never letting a crisis go to waste, here are 4 strategies to implement should your technology take a PTO day.


1. Put a 24-hour Rule into Place

Technology fails – we get it – but failing to plan is planning to fail. There’s nothing worse than knowing you have a deployment that’s supposed to go out and being unprepared by either not having it built entirely (“I’ll have time to do it in the morning!”) or not yet having QA’ed the deployment. In the future, have all of your campaigns built and QA’ed 24 hours within their deployment date/time so that even if it does deploy, you’ve done your part to make sure it’s good to go.


2. Have a Back-Up Plan

We as marketers have a hard enough time getting potential leads to fill out forms – so what happens when your technology fails and is no longer up and running? It's important to have a CMS platform that's agile enough to easily swap out content in a matter of seconds. Some platforms out there require you to reach out to development to make updates or build a new template without a form. This is not ideal when you are in crisis mode and need something up ASAP. Having a CMS with templates that allow you to easily hide/remove forms or add a bit of copy about contacting you through email or phone could be a life saver.


3. Take Action – No ad is better than a broken experience

Be sure to understand all things affected by the technology that is down so you can quickly remove visibility to those elements. When a MA tool goes down, most of the time the landing pages tied to them are not available either. So, be sure to put a temporary hold on your ads to ensure you are not wasting money or losing leads due to a bad experience.


4. Use MA for External and Internal Reminders

Whether you’re an agency sending emails on behalf of clients, or doing in-house marketing and your platform has failed you, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Marketing automation overall can save your team a lot of work and headaches, despite some of the headaches we might get in return. It’s a great tool for company marketing, but don’t forget it can be used for internal alerts and reminders as well. Perfect for things like sending your team an email a year from now that your domain is about to expire… too soon?


Hopefully, we won’t be the only ones to learn from this experience so it won’t happen again. If nothing else, at least most marketers kept their senses of humor about it all.

Down, but not out,

Hileman Group

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