3 Emerging Channels to Fill the Top of the Funnel

By: Tom Hileman  | 03/04/2015

As small to mid-sized businesses begin to invest in marketing automation, it is common for them to focus on the middle of the funnel tactics in a goal to convert more end users. However this mentality leaves the top of the funnel, and the funnel as a whole, empty.

Retargeting end users has been a tactic that has been around for years, however retargeting on Facebook is only now beginning to build steam. With the Facebook Exchange you can now re-engage end users in their news feed after they visit your website connecting both the corporate and social entities of your company.

With LinkedIn ads you are able to target end users based on their location, company name, type, seniority, even the groups they choose to be a part of. This type of targeting, leveraged by both video and image ads, gives your marketing campaign the precise blend of demographic perfection.

With Bizo you have the ability to retarget end users across their display network based on industry, company size, seniority and more. This service gives you incredible reach and personalization needed to engage with a specific market. It is the perfect combination of retargeting, display, and demographic targeting.

Many companies claim the age of the banner ad is dead. We agree to disagree. The age of the targeted banner ads is just beginning. The ability to target end users across these display networks provides personalization and specificity that other ads cannot achieve. Targeted display ads drive a lower cost per conversion, higher quality clicks, and build brand awareness. With the right optimization, the top of the funnel will open with sales ready leads.

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