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How Healthcare Philanthropy Can Recover in the COVID-19 Recession

Written By: Tom Hileman | 09/09/2020  |  0 comments

For many healthcare systems, philanthropy is more than a way to fund research, program development and general operations. Unfortunately, giving has seen expected decreases during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we’ve seen this before in the financial crisis of 2008, and today, the Great Recession can provide guidance in how healthcare philanthropy and development teams might respond.

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7 Sources That Should Inform Your Content Marketing Strategy

Written By: Brian Hohmeier |  08/26/2020  |  0 comments

To many marketers, the thought of creating a content strategy can be as intimidating as a blank page is to a writer. Everyone knows they need a strategy, but plenty of smart marketing leaders just aren’t sure how to even begin approaching theirs. Discover the seven key sources that should inform your content strategy and help you get started. 

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5 Best Practices for a Better Content Audit

Written By: Bri Long |  08/12/2020  |  0 comments

Content brings firepower to your digital marketing efforts, but without a well-conceived audit, it’s all too easy to waste time and resources on content that isn’t hitting the mark. Analyzing all your content can feel daunting, but with online tools and a best practices guide — dare we say, this guide — boosting the effectiveness of your content strategy is that much easier.

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Why Web Accessibility Should Move From This Checklist to Your List

Written By: Kate Penrod |  07/28/2020  |  0 comments

With consumer behavior going digital at an accelerated rate today, the question of web accessibility is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are reasonable accommodations websites can make to ensure they’re usable, even for people who see, hear, process or navigate the web differently.

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Hileman Group Ranks as a 2020 Top Workplace

Written By: Hileman Group  |  07/22/2020  |  0 comments

We’re proud to announce that Cleveland.com and The Plain Dealer have named Hileman Group a Top Workplace for the fourth year in a row.

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