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Intern Takeover 2019

Written By: Caitlin Matsen  | 07/25/2019  |  0 comments

It’s that time of the year again, National Intern Day! We have a group of fabulous interns this summer, who have helped out with a myriad of projects, so to celebrate they are taking over our social media for the day! Follow along as they show you what a day in the life of a Hileman Group intern looks like.

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Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit Recap – A Conversation with Tom Hileman

Written By: Caitlin Matsen |  07/15/2019  |  0 comments

The Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit has come and gone again, and this year’s sessions offered some of the best insight into the current and future state of healthcare marketing. We sat down with our very own Tom Hileman to get his take on the Summit’s session highlights, why they are important for healthcare and learn more about his session regarding healthcare marketing in the consumer-oriented world.

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7 Secrets Your Account Managers Wish You Knew

Written By: Colleen Eschweiler  |  07/10/2019  |  0 comments

At a busy agency, account managers are essential to a project’s efficient completion, quality deliverables, and excellent correspondence and collaboration with the client. A lot of responsibility falls on their shoulders, and with it comes long hours, client expectations, and pressing deadlines. I’m sure your heart just breaks for them, and you’re probably wondering, “As a resource, what can I do to make my AM’s life easier?” They are so glad you asked. Here’s a list of 7 secrets your account managers wish you knew.

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How Blockchain and AI Are Going to Revolutionize Healthcare

Written By: Martin Peko  |  07/03/2019  |  0 comments

Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), I know what you’re thinking: how is this not a buzzword filled, superfad article about how they somehow relate to healthcare. Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything and show that blockchain and AI can really be a match made in heaven for healthcare.

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Mergers & Acquisitions: How Will They Shape Martech?

Written By: Joe Conner |  06/26/2019  |  0 comments

In the information age we live in, consumers are more knowledgeable than ever before. This has made it more difficult to use traditional marketing tactics. This change in consumer behavior has not only had an impact on marketers, but it has also created the need for more powerful marketing tools. As marketers begin to rely on these tools, technology companies are trying to find new ways to better serve their clients, leading to many recent martech company mergers & acquisitions. But how will this impact current marketing technology? Check out the 3 biggest, most recent acquisitions that are shaping martech and what this means for the future.


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