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Introducing the Next Generation of Google Analytics…Google Analytics 4

Written By: Hileman Group | 09/30/2022  |  0 comments

With the growing demand for better security and data management, and with the increase in international data privacy restrictions, comes the need for a tool built with privacy concerns in mind. Cue Google Analytics 4.

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3 Ways to Earn Patient Loyalty in Healthcare

Written By: Hileman Group. |  09/13/2022  |  0 comments

Current research indicates that healthcare consumerism is on the rise, with more individuals taking charge of their own healthcare decisions. But when these savvy consumers are shopping for their medical services the same way they’d shop for a new car, what impact does it have on healthcare systems, or, conversely, what value can be placed on patient loyalty? Learn why patient loyalty is important for healthcare systems and 3 ways to earn it.

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3 Ways Remote Work Has Changed Modern Marketing

Written By: Hileman Group |  08/30/2022  |  0 comments

While there has been much talk about how working from home has affected the workplace dynamic, we haven’t really discussed how consumer needs and behaviors have changed, radically altering how we market to them. Here are 3 ways remote work has changed modern marketing.

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4 Ways Primary Care Can Protect Itself from the Influx of Retail Health

Written By: Hileman Group |  08/15/2022  |  0 comments

Over the years, consumers have made it clear that they want convenient healthcare above all. And retail giants, answering the call, are offering primary care solutions both easily accessible and tailored to meet specific needs. What’s a health system to do? Learn 4 ways primary care service lines can combat the influx of retail health options. This topic and more will be discussed in a panel discussion featuring Tom Hileman and marketing executives from 3 of the top hospital systems in the country at the 2022 SHSMD Connections, taking place September 11-14.

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[webinar] A Look Forward: The Healthcare Marketing Team of the Future

Written By: Hileman Group |  08/12/2022  |  0 comments