(it's just like Hollywood over here, except less drama)

Nothing captures your audience's attention quite like video.  But the hassle and overhead costs of owning the equipment, developing the creative and managing the production makes creating videos very "pie in the sky".  At Hileman Group, we can help you lasso that pie. We offer video marketing and recording services, and can act as your video marketing consultant, so that your videos and media stand out from the crowd. So, go ahead, tell your next story in video. We (and everyone else) will watch it.  

Our services include video production and video streaming:


We take the financial and time commitment off your hands, so you can get back to focusing on the tasks most important to you and your business. Our proven process will provide you with the best video, for the right price, in your timeframe.

  • Consultation

    Our dedicated team will discuss your script and video ideas to determine the best way to deliver your message.

  • Production Planning

    We'll do all the scheduling and location scouting to ensure your people are in the right place at the right time.  

  • Filming

    Our on-staff videographers and producers will make sure to get all the right shots and sound bites – all while being diligent about your talent's timeline and location requirements.

  • Editing

    Our team follows your script and brand image to produce a piece that is custom-built for your organization. During this time, there will also be checkpoints for client review and feedback.

  • Delivery and Deployment

    Once finalized and approved, the video will be delivered, within the deadline, to your organization in the specifications that make the most sense for your delivery medium.


Save expenses on travel by live-broadcasting important meetings and conferences, garnering thousands more virtual viewers for your special event.

Our enterprise-quality streaming capabilities, combined with our skilled staff, make video streaming quick and easy. And our per-use production payment model ensures that you will only pay for the service you need. Our proven process ensures a smooth streaming solution for your viewers.

  • Consultation

    Our experienced staff will meet with your team to determine the best way to stream, camera requirements, placement and venue specifics. This is also the time to decide the delivery mechanism (public or private, pay-gate for viewing, etc.)

  • Testing

    Prior to the event, our staff will do a test run with proper equipment to make sure everything is set and ready.

  • Event Streaming

    The day of the event, the team will be prepared and in place to procide your viewers with the optimal streaming experience. Your team will have nothing to worry about, knowing that all streaming and monitoring will be completed by us.

  • Post Production

    For an additional fee, we can provide your organization with a rough-cute, or fully edited capture of your streamed video for distribution.