Digital Marketing Analytics & Advanced Reporting

(a little insight never hurt anyone)

In the world of digital marketing you can measure anything and everything. The real question is, what KPIs are important to your business to be successful? Are you trying to show marketing program ROI or measure your market share or brand awareness? Partner with Hileman Group where we can report on anything from your website all the way through the demand generation funnel. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our marketing analytics services. 

  • Website performance
    From bounce rate to conversion rate. Make sure you have your website measured from every aspect so you can continue to test and optimize your most valuable digital asset.
  • Marketing campaign/program performance
    No marketing campaign is complete at launch. The launch celebration is often short lived with constant measurement, optimizations and reporting of all program performances.
  • Closed Loop/ROI Reporting
    Stop chasing the next biggest mar-tech solution to solve the ROI question and partner with Hileman Group to make your closed loop reporting come to life.
  • A/B Testing
    Constant optimization and test are key to improving any marketing campaign or digital assets. To achieve this with precision A/B testing of new options verse a control group is key.