Software and Technology

Why we do it

Software and technology companies face a unique problem in marketing and selling a typically complex product to the marketplace. Often this product is very sophisticated and can be targeted at specific industry verticals, making the messaging and targeting of prospects expensive and time-consuming.
  • Software and technology companies potentially face a long sales and marketing cycle with their intangible products.
  • Software and technology companies are unique and benefit from a partner with proven processes and experience to help them reach potential customers and grow their businesses.

How we approach it

Hileman has worked with many software and technology companies and developed a specialized offering to help effectively market their products to highly targeted audiences.
  • Hileman has developed specific campaigns for customer acquisition to identify key targets, drive awareness within the targeted segment, and increase conversion rates for new customers.
  • Hileman utilizes a multitude of advertising (social, online advertising, search, etc.) and marketing services to increase “top of funnel” prospects and utilize content marketing to nurture them through the marketing and sales funnel.
Hileman helps craft effective programs and content to manage the movement of prospects through the funnel and analytics to understand the prospective buyers behavior every step of the way.