Healthcare Marketing

Why we do it

The healthcare marketplace has become a more competitive landscape as patients have become more involved in their care.  Therefore, healthcare systems and providers must market their services and capabilities more efficiently.


  • Healthcare systems and providers are under intense pressure to change the dynamics of their interactions with patients and prospective patients.
  • Increasing government regulation and mandated change will alter the relationship healthcare organizations have with their patients.

How we approach it

Hileman’s proven tools and processes help healthcare organizations effectively communicate with patients and generate a high ROI for patient acquisition.
  • Hileman helps healthcare organizations adjust to the changes in their industry by first developing personalized, one-to-one relationships with patients.
  • Hileman has demonstrated expertise with healthcare organizations designing patient acquisition, communication, and retention programs to support the unique capabilities (e.g. specialty care) of the healthcare organization.
  • Hileman can help establish the healthcare organization as the “provider of choice” within specific geographies, demographics, and specialty care areas.

Hileman’s unique combination of marketing, creativity, and technology provides for highly targeted patient communications and detailed analytics to better understand the patients and their needs.