Business to Business (B2B)

Why we do it

Companies who live in the business to business arena often have to deal with marketing and selling products and services that are part of what Hileman terms “the highly considered sale”.
  • The “highly considered sale” is defined as products and services that are not commodities.  It is also the process by which prospective customers consider and purchase the products and services, requiring extensive knowledge and information.  For instance, products and services that are sophisticated, highly customized, expensive, fraught with perceived risk, or infrequently purchased are what we commonly see here.
  • B2B marketing is complex for the “highly considered sale” and companies need a trusted partner who understands the complexity of the process and can deliver meaningful results.

How we approach it

Hileman has proven experience in this industry and handling the “highly considered sale”.
  • Companies must be able to nurture the prospect through the sales process while giving them the right information, at the right time, without overwhelming the prospect. 
  • Given the expense and limited resources of a typical sales team, the nurturing must be done electronically to move the prospect through the process effectively while handing them off to sales at the proper time with the appropriate qualifying behaviors and information.