(get answers to social media ROI)

Why we use it

Oktopost helps manage content and measure the true business value of social media marketing. At long last, Oktopost is the ONE tool that covers it all. We recapped some of the best Oktopost features below.

  • It integrates with business intelligence systems, like Marketo.
  • Content can be scheduled in advance to multiple social profiles all from one login.
  • All, and we mean all, social marketing activities can be measured from clicks to conversions.
  • A handy curation tool allows you to easily discover and share related content to establish yourself as a thought-leader, without endless searching or tireless writing.
  • A social listening tool allows you to tune into the social conversations that matter and tune out the rest.
  • Start leveraging employee clout with a built-in advocacy board to amplify your brand reach (and track their individual impact).
  • Collaborate with multi-person social teams with management access settings.

What this means for you

  • You can manage all things social media from a single login.
  • You can create smarter marketing automation lead scoring and nurturing programs based on social activities.
  • You can enhance your marketing automation, CRM or other business intelligence systems with data collected in social networks.