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Kentico Gold Partner

Why we use it

Marketo is one of the top platforms when it comes to demand generation, sales alignment and marketing automation.  We have a team of Marketo Experts, 2 Marketo Certified Solutions Architects, 2 Marketing Nation Summit speakers, and 1 Marketo Champion (yeah, that's right) that can help your organization.  We are a LaunchPoint Gold Partner with Marketo, under the agency managed services. To top off our list, we are proud to boast that we were 2017 Revvie Award finalists in 3 categories.

  • Unlike other platforms, Marketo is said to be a "system for Marketers built by Marketers", meaning there is very little technical knowledge needed to run or manage programs within the platform.  
  • The drag and drop functionality, WYSIWYG editors and organization of assets in a single location make the ease of use of Marketo far superior to its competitors.
  • Integration opportunities – whether it is the out-of-the-box integrations with SFDC, Dynamics, and many other platforms, like Go-To-Webinar or Adobe Connect, or the open API that allow our developers to create custom integrations with CMS platforms or other systems.
  • Aligning your organization so your target market is receiving the right content at the right place at the right time
  • Ensuring your sales team is in the know at all times when a lead is ready to discuss your product or service.


What this means for you

  • This seamless alignment between sales and marketing helps scale your marketing efforts, saving your team time and money.
  • It also allows you to see holistic reporting from beginning to end of the customer journey.
  • Gain deeper knowledge on Demand Generation, the Marketo platform and sales/marketing alignment.
  • Insight on new features and services Marketo is launching, prior to their release.
  • Discount pricing on full instances or extra features.
  • Training materials to help educate your team on Marketo and best practices within the platform.