(of course, Google)

Kentico Gold Partner

Why we use it

Google Partner status means that we employ qualified and experienced individuals, trained by Google. Attaining Google Partner status is not easy. Hileman Group must meet a required number of advertising dollars, use Google best practices in managed accounts and pass exams every 12-18 months. Because of these strict requirements, you can trust that Hileman Group, a badged agency, has approval from Google itself.

What it means for you

Partnership status ensures that employees are knowledgeable on the subject matter because they must pass exams every 12-18 months.

  • Google Partners are the first to have access to Google’s beta features. This means that you will have access to new features or applications faster.
  • Google Partners have their own Google Reps that they can contact at any time, so problems can be addressed immediately.
  • Special Google AdWords promotions are available to Partners, such as $150 off the first month of adspend.

Google Partners have access to special events, trainings, research, product updates and the Google Partners Community to stay up-to-date with new features and strategies.