(real-time web personalization made easy)

Why we use it

Web personalization is the strategy everyone wants to use, but few know how to implement. The solution is BrightInfo, a real-time personalization engine that easily works within any site, displaying relevant content assets based on visitor behavior. And the best part? It is completely automated. On average, 95% of website visitors leave without converting. BrightInfo disrupts this convention by providing personalized conversion opportunities to increase website leads. Sounds great, right? Here is a breakdown of how it works:

  • An AI-based algorithm scans your website content and analyzes the available content to become more proficient over time.
  • Visitor data, such as demographic attributes, web activity, and mouse movements, are logged and analyzed.
  • The most relevant content for each individual visitor is considered in real time and offered alongside their natural site navigation.


What this means for you

  • You can expect to see a 230% increase in your conversion rate from all traffic sources.
  • You can set up advanced targeting based on lead source, demographics or website activity to provide the most suitable content for each campaign or audience segment.
  • You can use 100% of the content you are creating and get it in front of the audience when it is most impactful.